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Let's be the change we want to see in the world , Gandhi.

The NGO "Act together" was created on August 16, 2015 during a constitutive general assembly that brought together the first members of the active coalition including the Diaspora, executives and fans of Ivorian social networks.

After the administrative formalities of declaration of the NGO (File of Application of approval No. 0793 / PA / SG / D1 of September 17, 2015), opening of the post office box (01 BP 12356 Abidjan 01) and the bank account From the NGO (CI33 CI008 01080 0080410287-81-64), "Acting together" formally launched its activities on November 28, 2015 during a training seminar for its first members.

To begin the grid of the national territory, "Act together" has chosen 10 regional representatives covering the following 10 geographical regions: the North, the North-East, the North-West, the Center, the Center-North, the Center-North West, South, Southwest, East and West. Eventually, "Act together" will be represented in the 31 regions of Côte d'Ivoire.

With its 10 newly trained regional representatives equipped with tablets, "Act together" intends to dedicate the year 2016 to identify and implement 10 pilot micro-projects in the social structures proposed by the members of the coalition working for change. To begin, "Act Together" will focus on four basic types of social needs in rural communities: (1) drinking water; (2) functional latrines; (3) the collection and treatment of household waste; and (4) access to off-grid alternative energies. To ensure the sustainability of these social infrastructures, the NGO will help the local community to promote income-generating activities whose profits will be used for maintenance and rehabilitation.

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