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The NGO "Act together" has the mission to initiate a micro pilot project in a rural social structure of each of the 31 regions of Côte d'Ivoire, and from this sample to multiply these ideas of micro-projects in as many communities of coalition members and donors that can be mobilized over time.

The target social structure is a local community with which a member of the "Act together" coalition with a particular connection, and who is small enough (between 100 and 200 people, including active members of the community and their immediate dependents) to facilitate enforcement and direct control by community members.

To begin, "Act Together" will focus on four basic types of social needs in rural communities: (1) drinking water; (2) functional latrines; (3) the collection and treatment of household waste; and (4) access to off-grid alternative energies.

To ensure the sustainability of these social infrastructures, the NGO will help the community structure to promote income-generating activities whose profits will be used for maintenance and rehabilitation.

Finally, to institutionalize this new social dynamic, "Act together" will make available on this platform social mobilization tools to foster ongoing dialogue between community members and their partners, as well as with the administrative and political authorities of the community. their locality.

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