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Construction of school latrines at EPV PROTESTANTE CARREFOUR of UEESO-CI ( DUEKOUE)

The Union of Evangelical Churches Services and Works of Côte d'Ivoire (UEESO - CI) is a religious association, approved by decree No. 1146 I / CAB / AG of July 4, 1963, present throughout the Ivorian territory. In order to contribute to the education of young Ivorians, it has 39 primary schools and a college.
Several of its schools are facing a real problem of sanitation, more precisely the problem of latrines to relieve pupils and teachers.
In order to address this question, UEESO - CI has signed a strategic agreement with the NGO AGIR ENSEMBLE.
It is in this strategic agreement that the Protestant crossroads EPV created on 06/26/1978 under the number 0085 of 06-26-1978 was identified for the pilot project of construction of school latrines. This school was the very first in Duékoué crossroads and is located in the city. It currently has 64 students and 06 teachers. People thought it was great to grant us this long-awaited project.

Amount obtained per month

Cumulative amounts obtained since the beginning of the project


Cumulative amounts obtained since the beginning of the project
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