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Construction of latrines - Toranou primary school

The EPP TORANOU created in 1976, currently has 05 teachers 135 students in buildings without a school latrine. To meet their needs, the students had set up a traditional mud latrine made up of a pit, a wooden platform or slab and two cabins. Not only is this type of latrine no longer part of the latrines promoted, but in addition, the latrine in mud fell 5 years ago and forces students and teachers to defecate in nature. This degrading situation also generates hydro-faecal or fecal diseases such as typhoid fever, amoebiasis, poliomyelitis, trichomonas, etc. This can be verified by frequent stomach aches of the pupils, causing interruptions of courses and starting from school failures. These diseases are mainly due to environmental pollution and the fact that pupils and teachers do not wash their hands before entering the class, the classes not having a water station. We have therefore decided, with this latrine construction project, in conjunction with the NGO AGIR ENSEMBLE, to go further in our approach to access to education, in good conditions of schooling, especially since local demand is strong and favorable for the implementation of this project.

Amount obtained per month

Cumulative amounts obtained since the beginning of the project


Cumulative amounts obtained since the beginning of the project
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